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2021/22 Champions League: Final Prediction

Though many (myself included) were expecting this season to end with a Liverpool v Manchester City Champions League final which would have been fitting in a way given the standards we have seen from them in the Premier League, I always think it's nice to have a final with teams from different nations and this should be fantastic clash in Paris.

Whether you consider Real Madrid's path to the final to have been fortunate, magical or perhaps both, I don't think anyone can reasonably argue that the 13-time champions don't deserve this opportunity for another European crown after eliminating Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and Manchester City.

Here are my thoughts on how the final may play out, feel free to leave your own in the comments.

Liverpool vs. Real Madrid

Firstly, it feels as if this week's Europa Conference League final between Roma and Feyenoord was the first final in a long time that didn't go to Extra Time so with that in mind - remember that your pick on Superbru includes Extra Time if the match is level after 90 minutes. Only pick a draw if you think this will go to penalties.

Personally, I'm not brave enough to pick penalties but after seeing Real Madrid go to Extra Time on a couple of occasions in the knockouts it does feel as if we might see Benzema and co. force Liverpool into playing 120 minutes.

It's a difficult pick, and both domestic finals against Chelsea proved that Liverpool can at least be matched, but it is very rare to see this Jurgen Klopp team lose a game which is why I don't think I can go against the Reds. Liverpool have lost just 3 games across all competitions this season, and the Inter defeat doesn't really count given the context of that two-legged tie, so I think the Premier League runners-up are well placed to win their 7th European Cup.

No one is more experienced than Madrid on this stage, and I wouldn't be surprised to see this go to Extra time as I say, but the number of chances Los Blancos have conceded throughout the knockout stages could well finally cost them if things don't improve here. PSG, Chelsea and Manchester City should all have scored even more goals than they did against this Madrid team and the LaLiga champions are now facing a very clinical attack in Luis Diaz, Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah.

Vinicius Jr and Karim Benzema are clear threats going the other way, but in Virgil van Dijk and Alisson, Liverpool have two of the very best to deal with such threats so I'm going with the English team to edge this despite being very aware of how destined Real Madrid seem to win yet another European Cup.

Regardless of what happens, we should all be thanking Madrid for the absolute classics they have given us in every single knockout round of this competition. It has been such an entertaining tournament. Prediction: Liverpool 2-1 Real Madrid
27,640 caps
Placed a bet that Real Madrid would win in normal time. I'm smiling today.
29 May 07:30
506 caps
Lol Real were always winning that game
29 May 10:34
14,525 caps
Viva Real Madrid
14th Champions Cup , beat all 3 top teams in English Premier .
Undisputed Kings of Europe
30 May 07:33
72,781 caps
We should have seen it coming . They beat PSG, Chelsea, Man City. and basically underdogs
in all games
30 May 19:59
31,652 caps
Real Madrid saved the world, thank goodness.
31 May 12:33