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2,131,982 Republic of SuperBru  
2,076,255 North Macedonia
Overtaken 20 Nov 2022
1,961,504 Nebraska
Overtaken 4 Feb 2022
1,899,055 Vienna
Overtaken 9 Jun 2021
1,802,237 Warsaw
Overtaken 1 Feb 2020
1,749,734 Budapest
Overtaken 20 Sep 2019
1,706,500 South Australia
Overtaken 18 Sep 2019
1,653,211 Maracaibo, Venezuela
Overtaken 3 Sep 2019
1,628,900 Auckland
Overtaken 1 Aug 2019
1,624,571 Liuzhou, China
Overtaken 20 Jul 2019
1,602,386 Barcelona
Overtaken 29 May 2019

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55,727 more people have played SuperBru than live in North Macedonia.

North Macedonia (Macedonia until February 2019), officially the Republic of North Macedonia, is a country in Southeast Europe. It gained independence in 1991 as one of the successor states of Yugoslavia. North Macedonia is a landlocked country bordering with Kosovo[e] to the northwest, Serbia to the north, Bulgaria to the east, Greece to the south, and Albania to the west. It constitutes approximately the northern third of the larger geographical region of Macedonia. Skopje, the capital and largest city, is home to a quarter of the country's 2.06 million population. The majority of the residents are ethnic Macedonians, a South Slavic people. Albanians form a significant minority at around 25%, followed by Turks, Romani, Serbs, Bosniaks, and Aromanians.

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