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About SuperBru

SuperBru is made for sports fans by sports fans. It is one of a portfolio of sports engagement products developed, owned and operated by London-based SportEngage.


SuperBru began life in 2001 as a Super 12 prediction game played by a group of twenty-something graduates from the University of Cape Town in their shared London house. The game was played on a single sheet of paper stuck to the fridge, and each week the duty of recording picks and calculating scores was passed to a different member of the group. In 2003, one of the gang, The General, built the first online version of the game. It was played by 9 friends. By early 2006, a few thousand players had taken part in the game.

With proper business backing from digital consulting/ventures outfit Nevado coming in 2006, the site flourished and developed rapidly, spawning a UK-oriented brother site (SportGuru - subsequently merged back into SuperBru in 2012) and several corporate white labels. Early in 2011, the sports ventures left the Nevado incubator as a standalone business, SportEngage.


To date, 1,875,228 registered users from across the world have taken part in SuperBru's games. The game's biggest market is South Africa, where the site is the third biggest sports-oriented site behind and Significant other markets include the UK, Australia, New Zealand and India.

SuperBru is a member of South Africa's Digital Media & Marketing Association.


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