As we reach a huge milestone on SuperBru, we thought we'd look at the significance of 500,000 as a number.

For instance, if SuperBru were a country, it would be the 172nd largest country in the world, just behind Luxembourg and ahead of Cape Verde. We have the Solomon Islands and Montenegro in our sights in the next year or so, and if (when) we get to 1 million members, SuperBru will be bigger than Fiji.

- The population of SuperBru would fill Twickenham Stadium 6 times over, Eden Park 8.3 times and Loftus Versfeld 9.6 times.

- SuperBru players could fill Old Trafford, the Emirates, St James' Park, the Stadium of Light, the Etihad, Anfield, Villa Park, Stamford Bridge, Goodison Park and White Hart Lane and there would still be enough left over to fill Leyton Orient's ground Brisbane Road.

- If you lined up every SuperBru player with arms outstretched, you'd have a continuous line of Brus from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, or from London to Edinburgh

- Only England (1,990,988) and South Africa (651146) have more than 500,000 registered Rugby players. France has 313,877.

- It takes some Premiership footballers two (2) weeks to earn £500,000

- In the year 500,000 BC, the Ancient Greeks discovered fire

Can you come up with a fact about 500,000, sporting or otherwise? Tweet @SuperBru with #500000 and we'll award a prize to our favourite one.