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Australian Open 2021 Fantasy Game

Select Australian Open players to earn fantasy points. Challenge your friends in Superbru's free Australian Open Fantasy game. Play on the web or download our iOS and Android apps.

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About Superbru's Free Australian Open Fantasy

  • Set up private leagues
  • Play in up to 10 leagues
  • Smart scoring system and reliable mechanics
  • Play on the web or our Android + iOS app
  • Over 1.9m people play Superbru
  • Real time scoring updates
  • Completely free and no betting
Play Australian Open Fantasy


Pick two men's singles players and two women's singles players for each round, then earn points from their performances.

Net sets won - e.g. if a player wins a match by 3 sets to 1, the player gets 6 points. 3 pts per set
Net games won - e.g. if a set finishes 6-4, the winner of the set gets 2 points. 1 pt per game in set won

About Superbru

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