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Est. 2023
"C'mon! Kick it in the bollox!! "
About HighMedalPtsPercenters V RaffleTicketBookBuyers

HighMedalPtsPercenters V RaffleTicketBookBuyers is a club of sports fans who play Superbru's sports prediction games.

President Paul Coveney
Vice-President s Mike Glennon
Angus Burnett
Members 129
Established 2023
Pools Run 47
Club Type Other
Entry Members Only
About Superbru

Superbru is a free social sports prediction game played by 2,457,630 users worldwide.

Set up a pool for your friends in one of our tournaments for rugby, football, cricket, motorsport, rugby league, golf, Aussie Rules and American Football, then predict match winners and victory margins to see who knows their sport the best.

It's free, fun and highly competitive!

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About Superbru clubs

Clubs are communities of Superbru players who take part in tournaments together.

Each club runs pools inside Superbru tournaments, and final pool standings are fed into the club, providing a permanent hall of fame and leaderboard history.

A welcome from Club President Paul Coveney

I had THREE CRITERIA for this edition.

ONE; Reduce my admin so I can do more research and stop missing deadlines or having 'rush job' picks. So the time consuming, albeit strategically interesting, QUOTA SYSTEM HAS GONE! (For now...)

TWO; Benefit from all the 'Sifting & Screening' efforts I've put in over 6 years to statistically find the best pickers. So I've had to discard the 'less engaged' with low finishes or attendances or both! Thus the introduction of several smaller Top10 only points pools of 60-75 Brus replacing some 100plus pools.

THREE; Reward the most commited & loyal members from this current 22-23 season. The more pools you joined last year, up to 39, the more you stand to get re-invited back to, provided you make the 'TOP 66.7%' cut-offs.

Recent less tested recruits may qualify for extra Wildcard invites, if merited globally.

There'll be several OPEN INVITE pools for all REPLACEMENT contests plus the BIGGEST ones!
How to Join

HighMedalPtsPercenters V RaffleTicketBookBuyers is a members only pool. To join, you will require a personal invitation from the club. If you have been sent an invitation, please log in to proceed.

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