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Varsity Cup
19,967 players

Upgrade your pool to a SuperPool

For just $15.00, upgrade your pool to a SuperPool to unlock these awesome features:
Hide picks before kickoff
Only reveal everyone's picks once matches kick-off (reduces risk of tactical picking by snooping over others' shoulders!)
Disable defaults
Default picks will not count on your pool leaderboard. On your results page, they'll be shown crossed out. (valid only in tournaments that use defaults)
Social media
Twitter follow button
Add a Twitter follow button to the top of your pool results and leaderboard page. Just enter your Twitter username below. Does not appear on mobile editions.
Facebook like box
A Facebook activity and like box on the left side of your pool overview page, beneath your leaderboard (does not appear on mobile).
Entry control
The standard pool permits anyone to apply to join, but seeks your confirmation before they are made full members. Upgrade for more flexibility:
Open pool
No application control: anyone can join up instantly. Perfect if you're running a competition, or don't want your inbox overloaded with 'Joe Blogs has applied to join your pool' emails.
Password control
Add your own password to the pool: only those who know it will be able to join. A great option for private competitions, especially office pools.
Big brand? Consider a MegaPool!
Designed for bigger brands, the MegaPool product comes with all the features of the SuperPool plus:
  • Usage of the advertising slots in your pool section (disable them or run your own ads)
  • Enforce mandatory opt-in: players can be asked to permit us to share their contact details with you as part of joining the pool
  • Run your RSS feed inside the pool
  • Access our professional services team: we can set up and organise the pool for you
Pricing varies depending on requirements and what kind of engagement package we can put together for you. Please enquire directly.
Graceful scaling
Handle big pools well
While there are no enforced upper limits on pool sizes, the standard pool is designed for around 30 players. When you have many more players than that, usability suffers: pool leaderboards and results pages are very long and slow to load. With the upgrade picks will bunch together on results pages to render neatly and leaderboards will paginate.
Personalised URL
Add a personalised URL to your pool like this:
for neater, easier promotion.
Upload wallpaper
Upload your own wallpaper to sit behind the site when players are inside pool section.
Set up round based leaderboards
You can set up leaderboards for specific round groupings - e.g. Rounds 1-3, Rounds 4-7 etc.
Player interaction
Write news articles
Write news articles, which will appear on your pool overview page, and control whether or not your players can add comments to them. Great for announcing weekly winners.
Disable pool activity board
The pool activity board is a chat wall which appears on your pool overview page, allowing your members to chat with each other. Upgrade for the flexibility to disable this if you would prefer not to have it.
Integration and downloads
Add a SuperBru widget to your site
Insert a snippet of code into your website to render out the current top 10 positions on your leaderboard and a link to your pool.
What does it cost?
All these features cost just:
Per pool, per tournament. Pay online using Visa or Mastercard and upgrade immediately.
Upgrade now

Feature comparison matrix

  Classic Pool SuperPool MegaPool
Maximum no. of players No limit No limit No limit
Recommended maximum no. of players +/- 30 Any size Any size
Entry control - Approval - Open
- Approval
- Password
- Open
- Approval
- Password
Show picks before kick-off Always shown Optional Optional
Defaults Enabled Optional Optional
Social media
Twitter - Integrate feed Integrate feed
Facebook - Add badge Add badge
Pool URL Standard Personalised Personalised
Section wallpaper Standard Upload your own Upload your own
Player interaction
News articles - Write your own Write your own
Pool activity board Enabled Optional Optional
Integration and downloads
Widget for your site - Add widget Add widget
Features for bigger brands
Control over advertising slots No control No control No ads, or run your own
Build mailing list - - Opt-in
Invitation email campaign - - We can help
Professional services - - Let us help
Integrate RSS feed - - Add your feed
Price per tournament Free! $15.00
Per pool per tournament.
Buy online.
Please enquire »
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