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Varsity Cup
South Africa's top rugby-playing universities go head-to-head in the 2015 Varsity Cup

Playing in Pools

The pool is the core Superbru experience. Whilst everyone competes on the global leaderboard, it's in your pools that you'll find the most fun. After all, competing against 10 or 15 friends or colleagues has got to be more fun than competing against thousands of strangers.
Kinds of pools
You may play in up to 7 pools.
Autopools are the simplest kind of pool. If you don't join a standard pool when you join the tournament, you will automatically be allocated to an autopool of around 20 other people. The public pool names start at Autopool 001 and fill up from there. Before the start of a tournament, you may move around autopools, finding one you'd like to be in, but a few days after the first game is played we shut off all migration among the autopools - find out more about autopool lockdown.
Standard pool
Anyone can set up a free pool, thereby becoming the pool's captain. Once you've set up your pool, you can invite people to play in it. There is currently no limit to the number of players who can take part in a private pool, but the experience will degrade substantially beyond a few tens of players. We recommend around 30 players as the maximum.
For a small fee, a standard pool can be upgraded to a SuperPool, giving access to a whole host of extra features and scalability.
MegaPools are designed for big brands that wish to run a branded experience inside Superbru. This could be a competition for your employees or clients, or a means of engaging with a new audience as part of a promotion you're doing. MegaPools come with all the features of SuperPools plus more and can gracefully handle thousands of players. Please contact us on for pricing and a customised quote.
Managing your pools
Use the my pools page to manage your pools - you can create, join and resign from pools here. Try to get this all sorted out before the tournament kicks off, as it becomes more difficult once the first game has been played (for example, you'll not be eligible for any Bonus Points for the games played prior to your joining a pool).

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