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English Premier League 5-a-side Fantasy

Introducing Fantasy Superstars by Superbru

Fantasy Superstars is a new game from Superbru designed for fans of fantasy and prediction games.
Ever played a result prediction game and thought it would be fun to predict which players will perform best, but found fantasy games too time-consuming and complex? Enter Fantasy Superstars by Superbru.
Pick 4 players
Each week, we'll present you with four bands of 10 players each, grouped by position. Predict the player that you think will perform best in that band.
Score points for play
Each of your 4 players will pick up points for play, like goals, saves and assists, just as in a normal fantasy game.
Beat your mates
Set up pools for your friends, the same as in our other games. Take each other on to see who can predict the top-performing players.
It's quick and simple
Fantasy Superstars is simpler and quicker to play than a normal fantasy game because you don't need to manage a squad. But remember that simple isn't easy - tricky choices and risky opportunities abound!

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