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English Premier League 5-a-side Fantasy

How to Play Superstars Fantasy

The bands

Each round, you must pick one player from each of the bands presented to you.

The bands group together players in similar positions. We may tweak the mixes of positions over the course of the tournament to make it more fun and more competitive. We present a limited number of players based on current form, crowd favourites, headline fixtures and our expert opinion. The players in each band will largely stay the same from week to week, but there will be occasional changes due to injury or a loss of form.

Your challenge is to predict which of the players we include will do the best in his band.

When to make picks

You will pick one player from each band and you can change your picks until the start of the first game in a round. You will not be able to see other participants' picks until the round starts.

Points allocation

Points are awarded based on your player's performance during the round. View the scoring system for details. Points will only be finalised 24-36 hours after the last game in a round because performance data has to be collected, audited and entered.

When will bands be loaded with players?

Depending on the squad information available, we try to load players into bands a week or two before fixtures. Sometimes we will need to load players closer to the event, but we will always try to ensure that the players are in several days before kick-off.

What happens if a player is withdrawn after being loaded into a band?

If a player is injured or withdrawn for other reasons (e.g. suspension) after we have loaded him into a band, but before a round starts, we will make best efforts to mark him as withdrawn. This will mean you can no longer select him going forward. If you have already selected him, you are able to change your picks up until the start of the round and may choose another player. We will perform reviews of the bands 48 and 24 hours before each round starts. If we mark a player as withdrawn in these reviews and you have him selected already, you will receive an email advising you to change your picks. We cannot guarantee that we will always pick up every withdrawn player, so it is possible that a player marked as playing in SuperBru will not in fact get any game time.

What if my pick doesn't play?

We make every effort to ensure all the players are likely to play, but only players who play will score points. You can change your picks until the start of the first game in the round, but if your first choice doesn't play and your backup does, we will sub in your backup player before points are finalised at the end of the round.

What if neither my first choice, nor my backup plays?

Given that you can change your picks until the start of the round, picking players who do play is part of the fun and skill of the game. In the unlikely event that neither of your players play, you will not score any points for that band.

What happens if I don't make my picks?

You will not score any points for the round. There are no default picks, and your picks from the previous round are not carried across. Get your picks in before the deadline, for each round, or you won't earn any points.

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