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RWC quarter-finals confirmed

A thrilling final day of the RWC group stages ended with a pulsating match in Yokohama that saw hosts Japan beat Scotland to a place in the quarter-finals. Those quarter-finals are now confirmed as:
  • England v Australia
  • New Zealand v Ireland
  • Wales v France
  • Japan v South Africa

VERY IMPORTANT: the Win Point increases

The Superbru Win Point increases from now onwards to reflect the greater difficulty in picking winners in these more evenly-matched games. This might impact your strategy, so make sure you've taken note.
  • Quarter-finals: 1.5 points
  • Semi-finals and bronze final: 2 points
  • Grand final: 3 points

Here's a quick review of yesterday's action:

Namibia v Canada

This match was cancelled and no Superbru points were awarded.

USA 19 - 31 Tonga

Tonga ended their run of Rugby World Cup defeats with a victory over the USA as both sides bowed out of the tournament. There were several opportunities squandered by the Tongans and the winning margin arguably should have been greater!

Wales 35 - 13 Uruguay

This one was closer than expected, although Wales scored a couple of late tries to put a gloss on a stuttering performance. Most people had predicted a larger winning margin, and were left frustrated by a few missed opportunities to Wales!

Japan 28 - 21 Scotland

What a thrilling match this was in Yokohama, with Japan in scintillating form demonstrating that they fully deserve their place in the knockout stages. Having won Pool A, Japan will now face the Springboks in their first-ever quarter-final.

Knockout calculator

Want to work out the likely semi-finalists? Look no further than Superbru's Rugby World Cup knockout calculator.

What's going to happen in the quarters?

It's strange not to have rugby on every day! Instead we'll have to spend our time exchanging conjecture about the quarter-finals. How do you think the quarter-finals are going to play out? Have your say in the comments.
22,861 caps
England by 13
Ireland by 2
Wales by 9
South Africa by 6
14 Oct 15:45
238 caps
2 out of 4 ain't bad pal 14 Oct 17:30
12,149 caps
i'd say he's got 3/4
15 Oct 19:27
726 caps
England by 10
New Zealand by 11
Wales by 9
South Africa by 12
14 Oct 15:56
12,149 caps
That's my 4 too
15 Oct 19:35
1,481 cap
Japan and france for the upsets
14 Oct 16:10
28,761 caps
New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand
South Africa South Africa
14 Oct 16:54
13,740 caps
Think England, New Zealand, Wales and South Africa be favs and most picked so might be worth a upset just which one will it be.
14 Oct 17:38
418 caps
If England hadnt rested, I would venture a small marginal win for the Aussies ...but they have lucked out, and the Australian team are very mediocre. 14 Oct 18:06
13,740 caps
Yes I backed Aussies to beat Wales as I thought conditions in Japan might favour them but agree the rest should help England, not sure France good enough even with the rest to beat Wales. So looking like Ireland or Japan and can't see all blacks losing so guessing Japan if want a risk to gain points! 14 Oct 18:16
51 caps
Win points...says increased to 1.5 pts for quarters...buf it was 2.0 in the pools.. ???
14 Oct 18:50
51 caps
Aaahh...I guess this is for the Predictor game..?? Sorry
14 Oct 18:52
England will be to strong for a bit of a struggling Aussie team as the same for Wales structural rugby cannot fail against the French flare when so much is at stake. For that same reason SA will beat Japan but the toughest one is NZ v Ireland. Ireland should won this if the ref is prepared to blow fair at the breakdowns and rucks where NZ always plays still on while illegally lying flat or on players and work the ball back towards their side. It is illegal to participate in the game when not on your feet and no flippen ref has the guts to blow them
14 Oct 20:34
34,002 caps
Like your name states : 15 Oct 06:05
14,897 caps
England vs Australia [England by 24 points] ?????????????? New Zealand vs Ireland [New Zealand by 10 points] ???? Wales vs France [Wales by 7 points] ?????????????? South Africa vs Japan [South Africa by 35 points] ????
15 Oct 04:48
You got that one Jono
15 Oct 05:03
14,897 caps
I got the first QF match between England and Australia spot on.

19 Oct 09:57
43,849 caps
England (12), NZ (19), France (8), SA (17)
15 Oct 06:05
5,807 caps
The All Blacks will be knockout of the WC like in 2007, and we (BOKKE) will go on Win it against England.
15 Oct 06:06
6,264 caps
yip u could be right seeing the Bomb Squad have an easy passage to reach the final.The entire country was shouting for Japan to top their group just to avoid Ireland. 15 Oct 06:40
332 caps
Well it's tough to predict before the teams are known to us and which referees are appointed... My current predictions would be: England and Eddie Jones by 12 over a fairly mediocre Aussies, even though my heart wants Ireland to beat NZ I reckon in the RWC the NZ team by 12 over Ireland, Wales should beat France by a fair 11 points and then should Rassie select a 5x forwards reserves squad I think the Bokke should beat a very spirited home team Japan still by at least 18 points to break their winning streak! GO BOKKE!!
15 Oct 10:01
789 caps
Gsp still up for grabs in knockout rounds?
15 Oct 10:25
29,919 caps
Nope - No GSP even in pool rounds! 15 Oct 10:39
29,919 caps
England (15), NZ (15), France (6), SA (12)
15 Oct 10:39
13,724 caps
England win by 15
Ireland win by 6
Wale win by 9
South Africa win by 11
15 Oct 14:27
47,165 caps
Bokke to beat World xv playing in Japan jerseys by at least 30 points
15 Oct 15:34
29,919 caps
Lol 16 Oct 13:57
6,264 caps
at least Japan play attractive rugby.Japan(Nissan GTR) vs South Africa(John Deere Tractor) 17 Oct 07:18
4,808 caps
15 Oct 16:54
7,000 caps
Eddie Jones has a great support team Australia haven’t been firing for a while.
England by 10
France have RWC bmt they know how to win KO rugby and can cause an upset.
France by 5
Ireland just haven’t found their 6 Nations form.
NZ by 13
SA have a squad of 23 who can make a difference I’m not convinced about who to play at Centre tho.
SA to win by 18
15 Oct 17:06
6,864 caps
It's extremely difficult to predict knock-out match results with any conviction. I wouldn't put the house on picking all four. The likely Semi-Finalists are NZ, SA, England, and Wales; but chances are there will be an upset among them. I believe that if the Quarters were each a five match series, the 'underdogs' would each win one. Not enough for me to chance picking the odd-man-out.
15 Oct 17:34
13,740 caps
Agree have to just get the margin right to catch up 15 Oct 18:29
6,264 caps
Eat some Shuchi and back Japan or eat biltong and go for the Bomb squad. 17 Oct 07:20
4,420 caps
Deutsch on point with the prediction
15 Oct 18:54
22,755 caps
Please, please Rassie. Don't pick pretty-boy Faf to play. He will kick the game away against Japan!!!!
16 Oct 11:11
15,583 caps
Yeah the Half-backs competition has been an entertaining sub-plot. Fantasy-wise Reinach & Weber beat De Klerk & Smith hands down. These spare No.9s have been devastaing on the wings late on too! Its cocked up my Fantasies. But they were easier games. Thanks a bunch TJ Perineum, Gareth Davies (can we have a same surname limit of 3 per team too?) plus Will Genia, who needs the game of his life vs Eng. 16 Oct 12:17
6,864 caps
I dread the Boks surrendering possession to Japan via endless Garry Owens. Their pacy wingers and speedy distribution across the park will leave our lumbering oafs in their wake. We must keep the ball in the forwards, earn penalties, kick for the corners, win the lineout, and drive over the tryline . Iterate, and re-iterate. 16 Oct 12:29
22,755 caps
Spot on DreadedRed. Stop kicking possession away. Keep it tight and dont drop passes. Reinach would be my pick for scrum half 16 Oct 14:14
22,755 caps
Good luck boys
16 Oct 14:14
6,864 caps
Agreed Pissed Pete, Reinach would be mine too. Let's hope Rassie reads the Superbru Herald! 16 Oct 15:12
998 caps
Japan struggles under the high ball.

Expect a ton of kicking on the Japanese back 3, watch the Scotland and Ireland vs Japan games. The only time either teams had ascendancy is when they pressured the back 3 with contestable kicks.

I know you don't want to hear it. But there will be a ton of kicking Sunday. Go watch the game 6 weeks ago where we constantly kicked on Japan and still won 41-7. It's about forcing Japan to play rugby in their own half and backing your defense to convert pressure into mistakes.

I agree in keeping it tight, but if we make the mistake of trying to play the rugby Japan plays, our boys will be down and out by the 60 minute mark.

My two cents at least.
16 Oct 17:40
2,453 caps
Agreed. The South Africans will got with Plan A - pressure and defence and try to win by feeding off mistakes which is what they did against New Zealand in the Pool game. It didn't work then but Japan are not New Zealand so it could work against them. If it doesn't work there is no Plan B and Japan will probably win. 17 Oct 00:32
6,264 caps
Agree with you guys 100%.Its not Fafs fault its Rassie that want him to play that way.Rassie is more focused on defending and giving the opposition a sucker punch. 17 Oct 07:22
15,583 caps
The 3 rested teams of NZ, England & France could be 'Underdone'. Look what happened to some Super Rugby teams after their bye weeks and a 2 week break? Crusaders losing away to the Waratah's for example but there were other tragic mitigating circumstances.

Plus if Hutch picks Wales to lose, like he often does, the French could be in for day longer than Medard's dodgy sideburns. Its not inconcieveable that Japan could beat SA, I understand that they have some past form when it comes to 'The Real Thing'. I often bow my head in reverence as I drive past the Amex here in Brighton.
16 Oct 12:04
6,864 caps
I'd suggest that the most likely upset would be Oz beating the Poms. This because Australia have been way below par, which means an upturn in form is likely. Who predicted that they would beat the All Blacks so convincingly in the Rugby Championship, after struggling against Argentina? Beating England is what the Aussies live for.
16 Oct 12:24
29,919 caps
In 2007 3 of the quarter-finals was upsets.... Hope we don't see more of those! 16 Oct 14:02
6,864 caps
Yeah, me too! Anything's possible, but I'm sticking with the favourites. 16 Oct 14:15
36,330 caps
Depending on where you are in pools, favourites if up the top, upsets if you down!! 16 Oct 14:23
1,259 cap
Eng by 15,nz by 15,fr by 2,sa by 20...oor en uit
16 Oct 15:19
18,597 caps
Ireland won't beat the ABs. They have done it only twice in their history, during an end of year tour, which to be honest is just a season-ending holiday for the Southern Hemisphere teams, pretty much like the dreadful teams the NH send on their Spring holidays to SA, Aus and NZ. So ABs by plenty. South Africa won't underestimate Japan again, so they will be too strong. France is the dark horse. They have a tendency to lift during a WC play-off game. And never underestimate Australia. I think this will be the end for Wales and England. not by many points, though.
16 Oct 23:09
29,919 caps
Possible yes 17 Oct 07:55