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Champions League Predictor
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Champions League Prediction Game
Pool Captain
Brent Graham
Jul 2013
South Africa

Captain's Welcome - PlayaBets

Take on some of the sharpest footballing minds in the pool. There are over R5000 worth of voucher prizes and all T&C links will be posted in our 1st newsletter before kickoff. The 1st prize is a R2000 betting voucher and we also have a R250 Yellow Cap voucher up until then end of the quarter-finals.

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Champions League Prediction Game

Hi there! Welcome to our Champions League Prediction Game, powered by the popular game SuperBru.

Take a quick tour to see why 1,253,577 sports fans have enjoyed SuperBru:

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Make your predictions

Looks simple, doesn't it? Just pick the score... yet so much joy (and heartache) has begun with this interface. You can change your pick up until kick-off.

See results against your pool mates

SuperBru is very competitive! Your predictions will go head-to-head against other players in your pools as you compete to be the most accurate.

Climb your pool leaderboards

Your scores from each match will filter into leaderboards: for your pools, your country and globally. You can play in up to 7 pools and anyone can start a pool for free.

Keep track of your achievements

As the tournament progresses, follow your successes and failures. Earn badges for notable achievements and compare yourself against friends. SuperBru has plenty of depth with a wealth of stats.

Play anywhere

Use our iOS and Android apps or our mobile site to play SuperBru on the move. Live match scoring, as-it-stands scoring and instant post-match results will transform your sports viewing.

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