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Mulindwa Francis from Uganda wins Fantasy Superstars Cash Prize

Mulindwa Francis, a Manchester United fan from Uganda, picked the 5 top performing players in the Fantasy Superstars game for Round 9, and we've sent him the cash prize of over 1m Ugandan Shillings!

Here is the winning team that he chose, with all 5 players being the top scorer in their respective bands:

Mulindwa is a third year student at Makerere University in Kampala doing a bachelors degree in Quantity Surveying.

"Sports is my passion and SuperBru provides the best way I can express my love for it. It's free, rewarding and an exciting experience. Am grateful for what you're doing for us sports lovers in the world."

"I actually made the picks late Thursday night, obviously in a good mood after that Man United- Fenerbache game."

"I expected Liverpool to batter West Bromwich Albion, something close to 5-0 and the Sane, Coutinho combination is their driving force. Their tricks and pace wouldn't have left west Bromwich with hope just after half time."

"I thought Lukaku would do everything in his power to put Everton past Burnley, so would Petr Cech against a Middlesbrough side which i thought would test him and his back line."

"West Ham have had a bad start to the season, not because their attack has been depleted, but because they are poor defensively so I expected one of their defenders to step up and Winston has the physique and technique to help his team not concede though him scoring came as a surprise to me too."

"I want to use part of the money to be more involved in this sports world maybe i could explore my football passion and talent by buying sports equipment and playing more football, invest in something that can be a souvenir for all that you guys have done for me, and maybe it could help me to smoothly continue my education studies."

Well done to Mulindwa, and hopefully his story will inspire others to keep making their picks and one day they could emerge the lucky one. Don't forget the cash prize is on offer every week, so join the game if you haven't already!

17,896 caps
Congrats Mulindwa, great picks!
25 Oct 14:20
26,512 caps
Well deserved win Mulindwa. Enjoy!!
25 Oct 14:38
5,593 caps
Congrats Mulindwa.
25 Oct 14:42
7,713 caps
Well done Mulindwa!
26 Oct 06:38
5,257 caps
Congs! Mulindwa
26 Oct 07:15
36,062 caps
Congrats Mulindwa, absolutely amazing pick of Winston Reid!
26 Oct 08:33
22,748 caps
Well done...
26 Oct 09:35
14,075 caps
well done you give me hope cause now I can see is possible
26 Oct 10:37
10,712 caps
Well done brother
27 Oct 06:53
318 caps
well done
28 Oct 08:13
1,933 cap
Congrate man wel
28 Oct 15:05
1,067 cap
Congrats bro
29 Oct 00:01
3,606 caps
congrats Mulindwa.
29 Oct 04:47
6,284 caps
Mulindwa bro..well done
29 Oct 13:53
3,302 caps
Congrats; you've done excellently. And thanks to Superbru for the opportunity
29 Oct 14:22
1,008 cap
Congrats bros
30 Oct 05:36
1,231 cap
Zalute boss.....
31 Oct 05:31
666 caps
congrats Mulindwa. I have four correct top picks in round 10, I actually chose Sadio Mane and he was leading in his pool only for Ross Barkley to pick 10 points against WHU and lead the pool. Watch me out in round 11.
31 Oct 08:49
1,778 cap
Congrats Bro, well done
31 Oct 16:24
6,172 caps
Congrats man well done
1 Nov 01:15
2,113 caps
Thoughtful picks...well done!
2 Nov 10:10
4,413 caps
Congrats man
2 Nov 22:56
617 caps
Wabula oyina emikiisa!
3 Nov 09:59
166 caps
congrats man
3 Nov 10:49
166 caps
please i have a question,cant i substitute my main player for a backup player in a new round? anyone pls
3 Nov 10:50
9,098 caps
You can change all of your main players and susbitute players in every round. but you can't pick a player that is a main player to be your substitute while he is still selected to be your main player. A way to do this, is to just pick your main player (who will have to be different), then he is free for you to pick as your substitute player. 4 Nov 09:02
9,098 caps
Congrats Mulindwa! that pick of Reid was quite impressive!!
4 Nov 09:03
9,400 caps
Africa wins
4 Nov 18:13
7,711 caps
big ups to you buddy!
11 Nov 06:47
15,912 caps
13 Nov 06:40
1,573 cap
thats great man,congs.
14 Nov 09:29
2,298 caps
Wow!! Congrat
22 Nov 12:54
985 caps
22 Nov 13:22
3,051 caps
congrats mulindwa i too love super bru and do try my luck every week too
28 Nov 11:51
366 caps
29 Nov 09:16
23,639 caps
Congratulations Mulindwa!! Spend it wisely.
2 Dec 16:39
5,403 caps
well done
7 Dec 11:38
45 caps
yooooooo yolo mulindwa jstgioo for you
9 Dec 14:59
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